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Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle Accidents

There is nothing simple about a routine automobile accident. Each case in our office is handled individually, and investigations are made with regards to the specific accident. The investigation includes obtaining police reports, photographs, examining the accident scene and obtaining witness statements. This work is all conducted during the beginning stage of your case.

Each case is prepared carefully as though it will go to trial. We have developed a strong reputation for being a well-prepared and diligent firm. The insurance industry is well aware of our presence and reputation. Our method of thorough preparation has afforded us the ability to settle a high percentage of cases without the necessity of going to trial.

However, sometimes the best result can only occur in the courtroom. The insurance companies will want to hold on to the large settlement monies as long as they can. Our staff with its experience and abundant resources allows us to fast track cases onto the courts trial calendar – this way our injured clients can receive compensation as soon as possible. We can also assist our clients in filing for no-fault benefits to recover their lost earnings and medical bills, and help our clients in resolving their property damage.

New York State has extremely complicated laws regarding exactly who is allowed to file a lawsuit when an individual is injured in a motor vehicle accident. It is important for these individuals to understand their rights. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, the New York auto accident attorneys at Harmon, Linder & Rogowsky are dedicated to fighting for your rights.  To discuss your case with any of our experienced attorneys, please contact us today at 212-732-3665.